A stranger’s smile

It was one usual day I thought. But I was totally wrong. Just before the day was going to end, it turned out to be special. Never have I thought that I would remember a person whom I had met only for a few seconds. The day had almost ended and the night looked scarier […]

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Renew your heart

We all are flawed by nature.We find fault with others because we had already set frames and rules in which we travel. If anyone can’t abide by those rules, we keep them far apart. When we can accept our own faults, it can also be an embarrasing mistake but we are not ready to forgive […]

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Why you should think positive?

Thinking positive sometimes seems like a huge task because it is easy to think negative. Our mind always analyses both positive and negative sides. It tends to be on the safer side, negative side. It doesn’t want to get hurt badly, like a child and throws many questions at us. What if this goes wrong? […]

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