You just know

When I lay down and close my eyes, Before I could sleep, my thoughts risked itself What if you ask me one day How much I love you I would try to tell it Though I know it’s not easy When I tried to pen it down I could only show you the bits and […]

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Tomorrow never comes

When we meet for the first time tomorrow, Would you say the same things you said through phone last night? Would you feel the same love you had yesterday? Would you think of how we doze off so many times in the middle of late night conversations? Would you not mind if I don’t look […]

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On a beautiful evening

You and me On a beautiful evening Standing by the lake side Our eyes were fixed on each other The sun is ready to set But the fire hadn’t quenched The veil played it’s part trying to keep us at a distance As the wind brushed between our faces Our lips brushed against a piece […]

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Cricket is not a hobby# 3

Anisha was so excited to tell her dad that she got selected for her college cricket team. “Today was your first class, right! How come you got selected so soon?” He asked raising his eyebrows. ” I got selected dad. It’s Such a good news and you’re asking how” “No. You shouldn’t play for college […]

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I love you like an art

I love you like an art, With all my heart I love you like an art, As it’s different shades Implying the differences we have I love you like an art, Those endless Possibilities Connoting my love in all possible ways I love you like an art, As a painting is neither complete nor incomplete!

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Cricket is not a hobby # 2

Anisha eagerly waited for the cricket classes to begin after putting much efforts on choosing new tracksuits,T-shirts and shoes. The T-shirt she chose had the wordings ‘ be the best version of you’ and she wanted to become that. Finally, the day arrived. The first day of her credit class. The coach asked everybody to […]

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Cricket is not a hobby #1

It was the day Anisha had to choose her credit class course. It was a compulsory extra curricular activity in her college without which a college degree is not possible. Only thing that’s needed to finish this course was 75% attendance. And that was the toughest part mainly because all the classes were conducted on […]

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