Why you should think positive?

Thinking positive sometimes seems like a huge task because it is easy to think negative. Our mind always analyses both positive and negative sides. It tends to be on the safer side, negative side. It doesn’t want to get hurt badly, like a child and throws many questions at us.

What if this goes wrong? What if I fail again? At last, we end up in the losing side without even playing a game.
And with especially when you have people around you to keep telling, its not practical. You are not going to make it there, life is not a cake walk. Are you really going to listen to them, instead of your inner voice screaming at you to go for it.
let them be realistic and practical. You be the one to take risks. Nothing comes easy, definitely not success. The word success demands so much from you. One thing you forget is you are capable of delivering more than it can ask for.For so many years, successful personalities have motivated us by their quotes. We always get inspired by such quotes everytime we read it. But something goes wrong. We get inspired but we fail to put in action.
Think positive, what if you succeed?
I have always been a failure. So, this could be something new. The taste of success would be the best thing to happen in life, ever. Why ignore it for one negative thought?
Failures are multiple attempts to success. If you are aiming to hit the bull’s eye, you are definitely not going to do it in your first attempt.
if you are not ashamed of failures, if you are going to enjoy the progress you are making and if you are witnessing the success in your mind, you are half way near.
Because everybody who failed infinite times deserves to taste the success one time in life. If you are going to achieve it once, you are not going to stop it there. It is going to become a habit for you. It is an addiction. Let’s get addict to good things.A new way of addiction.
Cheers, to live one successful life because we all know we got to live only once.


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