Renew your heart

We all are flawed by nature.We find fault with others because we had already set frames and rules in which we travel. If anyone can’t abide by those rules, we keep them far apart. When we can accept our own faults, it can also be an embarrasing mistake but we are not ready to forgive the minute mistakes of others.
Let’s forgive each other. You never know you might also commit the same mistake one day and ask for repentance. Everybody has their own reason for committing mistakes. Though committing a mistake is never a right thing, the thought varies from one person to another.After all, no body wants to be hated. Every one wants to be loved.
Renew your heart. Know your faults and let the goal be always to be a better person, to love without limitations, to help someone in need, to spread smiles.
Renewing our heart should be a constant process. If we forget to do it, one day we might hate our own self. Let’s love ourself and others by renewing our hearts.


18 thoughts on “Renew your heart

  1. Nice post! I believe being honest is something I look forward to, like temporary keeping things stable by lying can be dangerous, and illusive. So, better to let yourself and your people face the reality and build a good present and future.
    Glad to find you on the my blog. Happy to find you reading!
    Thanks, A.


      1. I didn’t mean to edit or cut anything, it was just one of my thought. It is necessary that one has to echo with what I add. But nice of you. Always good to find some amazing post, like one of yours.


      2. Sure, will love to hear your thoughts. Maybe, it is not as good as yours but I have tried to write few.
        Nice to exchange words with you!


      3. Ah! I think it straight, one line thought which I pull from your post is, to know your own faults and trying to be better and do better for people and society.. so that is nice to read, absorb, right? Very simple but too good to be considered.

        Hope you write more often.


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