A stranger’s smile

It was one usual day I thought. But I was totally wrong. Just before the day was going to end, it turned out to be special. Never have I thought that I would remember a person whom I had met only for a few seconds.
The day had almost ended and the night looked scarier as it was getting darker and darker. fear had slowly started to fill my mind. It’s all because I was alone. And also because the place was an unknown place. Being a girl, the feelings can’t be expressed. It can only be felt. Most of the girls would have experienced something similar in their lives.
I was returning home in a bike from a place that was new to me. I lost the track somewhere in the middle. I had no clue which way to go. Right Now, I knew I was in a deep trouble.
If I could find the road that connects to the main road, I would carry on from there which was my only hope. After riding a few metres in a wrong direction,the board in front of me gave a different route to my home. But I was not ready to take a new route which only added more fear to my existing fear. I took a U turn and came to the same road in a hope that I could find that main road.
A girl wearing an orange saree strode towards my direction. She must be going to home returning from work I thought. The way she walked implied that. I stopped my bike and asked her how to reach the main road. She looked into my eyes and flashed a smile like she had known me closely. I wondered how could she smile looking at my face through the helmet in the dim light . May be she didn’t notice my face clearly but still managed to give a genuine smile. She told me to take left and then right and one more right again in a four way road and then to go straight. Meanwhile,she never stopped smiling. I wondered how could someone smile at me like this when many people only share fake smiles without a shame.
I thanked her and returned her smile. I hope she noticed how thankful I was in that one smile which was all I could offer.
I didn’t realise I would remember her smile forever at that moment. I would never call her a stranger again, she was a friend in disguise.


9 thoughts on “A stranger’s smile

    1. Yeah. There is endless possibilities we can show kindness and love. All it takes is a kind heart to do so. That smile was an inspiration.


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